about us

   Caesar Ocean Company was founded 2010 in UAE and since then became pioneering shipping company, covers most of the world with its services. Now it has more than 90 business partners around the world.
The company offers transport services for standard (dry) and refer containers, as well land and air freight services. We offer a wide range of logistic services as well to a wide spectrum of clients worldwide. 
To achieve a pioneering place in the world of international freight business and trade through offering new and resourceful ideas to find inventive solutions and acquire the trust of our clients through meticulous commitment regarding the timing and the safety of the shipments.

To become an international pioneering company in the fields of transporting and logistic businesses and to help our clients finding the easiest and the most up-to-date ways fitting for their businesses and enable them to develop them. We consider that the punctuality, promptness and Safety are the most important criteria to guaranty the continuity of company’s development and achieve profits.  

In Caesar Ocean, we achieve the target which all companies aspire for, i.e. to become an international company. But we are still different from others in that our key aim is to make shipment and transportation operations easier and more reachable for our customers than ordering a meal on the phone, and the shipment costs to be a part of annual profits surplus, not a cause of loses.    
Business Strategy:
In Caesar Ocean, we aim to secure a share in the international market through reaching new partners and agents all around the world and for us to become the first choice for all kind of costumers to facilitate their businesses and to reach the newest ships and carriers to navigate the international arena.        

Quality policy and aims:
1.    full understand your business: we always try to understand the challenges which might counter your business.
2.    Analysis: we analyse the trade market using quantity tools to define the ways and methods of development.
3.    Solutions Design: we work with you to design professional solutions and the achievements criteria.
4.    Accomplishing: applying the designed solution to achieve the highest rate of performance and efficiency.
5.    Quality Assurance: submit regular reports about the plan progress, to show our commitment and to define the development factors. 

President's speech:

Although the strong competition prevalent in the shipment sector at the international level, we in Caesar Ocean, continue our attempts to own a strong presence in the field. The unique work style is due to, in addition to the unlimited creativity, the distinctive work team of specialized in the shipment domain, we could take giant steps towards universality as we hope, in light of the growth rate of the company, to move forward achieving the more. For we, in Caesar Ocean, believe that creativity is unlimited, and we attribute the big success obtained in the last short period to set of important factors, that are:
Specialized teamwork.
The uniqueness of our designs.
Our ability to perform any idea offered by our agents. 
Checking out the most modern techniques internationally functioned.
The uncompetitive prices.
So, with gathering those elements, rarely available for many companies, we could impose our distinctive methods  in this sector. We always object the phrase said that agents' satisfaction is an inaccessible target. We believe, in Caesar Ocean, that we access target of our agents' satisfaction.